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BMW GPS Navigator 6

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The BMW Navigator 6 GPS is the essential tool for your BMW motorcycle

• Clearer screen than before with better readability especially in direct sunlight thanks to the circular polarization filter (CPOL)

• Integrated storage capacity doubled compared to the Navigator 5 (16 GB against 8 GB before)

• Optimization of the route option “Curvy Roads” avoiding urban areas

New features :

Avoiding major roads: The BMW Navigator 6 GPS automatically avoids major roads during route calculations and recalculations. Coupled with the existing motorway avoidance function, this function further refines the selection of roads suitable for motorcycle journeys. - Optional combination with different route options such as eg. "Winding roads" for best results - Unique feature including USP dimension

Round Trip - The BMW Navigator 6 GPS also allows you to create a route with the same starting and ending point and a predefined duration. - Choice of combination with route options and items to avoid

Streaming music from the smartphone - The BMW Navigator 6 GPS allows you to listen to the music stored on the smartphone via the Navigator VI - The music playback from the smartphone is started and stopped via the Navigator VI. - On Android smartphones, the music tracks are played in the order they were stored on the smartphone; on iOS smartphones, it is also possible to select playlists.

Control of a compatible "Action Cam" directly on the browser

• Identical attachment to the vehicle, suitable for all known vehicle-specific mounts or for navigation pre-equipment

• Identical electrical connection to the vehicle's power supply, via a connector available as a special accessory

Product information:

  • Clearer screen with better visibility
  • 16GB of storage
  • Total route optimization with lots of options
  • Playing music on the Navigator VI via the smartphone


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