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BMW Motoristična Jakna Sidepod AIR Men

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The BMW Motorcycle Jacket Sidepod AIR Men is a summer BMW motorcycle jacket intended for Roadster, Urban to sporty use during very hot temperatures. It is characterized by its sporty style in M ​​colors and its ventilation efficiency. It can be seen as a new, improved version of the RaceFlow jacket.

The comfort of the BMW Sidepod AIR motorcycle jacket:

Intended for very hot temperatures, the motorcycle jacket has 3D mesh padding that allows air to circulate, keeping you cool. The jacket is very light and does not bother you during summer journeys.

Stretch inserts are present in the armpits but also on the inside of the arms, to circulate the air but also to facilitate any movement.

The cuffs of the motorcycle jacket are equipped with press studs and zippers, in order to best adjust to your arms and your gloves.

The jacket has four pockets in total, two on the outside and two on the inside. One of the interior pockets doubles as a document holder and is large enough to keep your documents safe.

The safety of the BMW Sidepod AIR motorcycle jacket:

The motorcycle jacket is equipped with SC-1 / KA protections on the elbows and shoulders, they are very discreet protections, that is to say almost invisible. A reinforcement is present on the fabric at these places exposed in the event of a fall, the tear-proof fabric.

A location is provided to accommodate a NP LR back protector but it is not provided.

The jacket is certified class A, EN17092.

The advantages of the BMW Motorrad Sidepod AIR jacket:

Although not part of a set, the motorcycle jacket has a 40 cm assembly zip to link it to your BMW motorcycle pants.

Compared to the DownForce jacket, the Sidepod AIR jacket is more intended for everyday use, it is made of textile and not leather and contains less protection.

The highlights:

  • Use: Urban, Roadster, Sport
  • Gender: Men
  • Season: summer / mid-season
  • SC-1 / KA elbow and shoulder protectors
  • 4 pockets
  • 40 cm zip


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