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BMW Motoristična Jakna DownForce

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The BMW Motorcycle Jacket DownForce Men is a leather BMW motorcycle jacket intended for urban, sport or roadster use from spring to autumn. It is characterized by its great protection and comfort, ventilation and style in M ​​colors.

The comfort of the BMW DownForce jacket:

The jacket has optimal ventilation systems, especially with the 3D mesh in the back which allows good air circulation as well as a double front zipper, one of which can be used to let air pass.

There are stretch leather inserts at the elbows, to facilitate movement.

The safety of the BMW DownForce Jacket:

In order to guarantee your safety, the jacket has NP3 protections on the joints (elbows and shoulders). The shoulders are reinforced by hard sport shells on the outside of the jacket.

An NP Pro back protector is preinstalled in the jacket.

The jacket is certified for protection class AAA, EN17092.

The advantages of the BMW Motorrad DownForce jacket:

Although not part of a set, the BMW Motorrad jacket is equipped with a 40cm connecting zip, allowing you to link it to the BMW pants of your choice.

In comparison with the Sidepod AIR jacket, the DownForce jacket is made of leather, has more protections and more efficient ventilation systems.

The highlights:

  • Use: sport / roadster / urban
  • Gender: male
  • Season: mid-season / all seasons / summer (ideal from spring to fall)
  • Material: leather
  • Protectors: NP3 on the joints / NP Pro back / shells
  • Optimal ventilation
  • 4 pockets
  • Class AAA, EN17092 certified
  • Zip 40 cm


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